We are able to overcome challenges and capture the opportunities in the industry.

We have a qualified team, with high delivery capacity and knowledge to ensure the development and execution of projects that generate value, with safety and appropriate risk management.

We value equality and our commitment is also in gender equity. Our team consists of more than 130 employees, 40% of whom are women. We are constantly observing best practices to promote this balance, and expanding diversity in our value chain is part of our commitment to sustainable development.

Professional Qualification


  • 33% MBA
  • 31% B.S.
  • 28% M.S.
  • 8% PhD

+ 130


Our team is recognized for its understanding of the market, of the activity, and of all business details. It is with competence and transparency that we seek the best route to achieve the best results.

Gender Equity

Total Employees

  • 40% Female
  • 60% Male

Leadership Positions

  • 39% Female
  • 61% Male