We are able to overcome challenges and capture the opportunities in the industry.

We invest in our staff regularly; in 2018, our employees clocked an average of xx hours of training per person. Both at sea and on land, our technical staff is highly qualified, having accumulated experience in the major exploration and production companies of Brazil and in the development of challenging fields.


We value equal opportunity and are fully committed to gender equality. Our team comprises over 120 employees, 42% of whom are women. We fully comply with best practices to promote this balance.


Our team of experts provides us with in-depth knowledge of the market, activity, and all aspects of our business. It is with courage and competence that we embark on this quest for the best results.

Capacitação Profissional


  • 33% MBA
  • 31% B.S.
  • 28% M.S.
  • 8% PhD



Our team is recognized for its understanding of the market, of the activity, and of all business details. It is with competence and transparency that we seek the best route to achieve the best results.

Equidade de Gênero

Total Employees

  • 42% Female
  • 58% Male

Cargos de Liderança

  • 32% Female
  • 68% Male