Annual Sustainability Report presents challenges and achievements in 2018

Our new brand was born and is already present in the Brazilian seas, exploring and producing oil and gas to generate energy for the society. Enauta is the name of the Company that unites us around the purpose of exploring the energy universe and, with responsibility, experience and courage, continues to develop the energy sources that society needs.


The Annual Sustainability Report is one of the ways in which we demonstrate the challenges we overcome and the achievements we have made.


The publication follows the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards and evidences the alignment of our management with the Global Compact and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), both initiatives coordinated by the United Nations (UN).


Our CEO, Lincoln Rumenos Guardado, adds: “The positive impact of our business model goes beyond economic and financial aspects. Committed to sustainable development, we also coordinate and report actions to comply with legal compensation and investments in R&D, in order to contribute to the increase of knowledge and scientific research on the Brazilian coast, generating positive long-term impacts for local communities and biodiversity.”


Click here, browse our Annual Sustainability Report and check out our main challenges and achievements in 2018.