Atlanta Field ahead

Source: Brasil Energia


By: Cláudia Siqueira



Santos Basin heavy oil field to have its first big bidding


Enauta is about to start the first hiring of equipment and services for the full development system of Atlanta, a heavy oil field located in the northern part of the Santos Basin. The oil company sent the ANP a request to change some technical details of the area’s development plan, and now is preparing to send, by early March, the bid invitations to charter an FPSO for 20 years.


The rig will be of medium size, with capacity to produce 50 thousand bopd and stock 1 million barrels. Until the beginning of the year, Enauta had been working with plant options ranging from 50 thousand bopd to 70 thousand bopd.


The adjustments submitted to the regulatory agency are not public, but sources ensure that there is no proposal for a significant change in the original plan, prepared by Shell, when the Anglo-Dutch oil company was still responsible for operating the asset.


With the submission of the update request, Enauta fulfills the last pending issue for the release of the hiring of the production unit – which may happen even before carnival.


The start-up of the full development system is scheduled to take place between the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023. The exact date of the first oil will depend, basically, on the market response to the FPSO contract.


In view of the heating of the rig- ship market, the outcome of Enauta’s competition is considered uncertain. One of the alternatives on the radar considers the use of FPSO OSX 2, which is stationary abroad and which would require adaptations in the production plant and turret.


Judging by the type of FPSO, the dispute for the contract tends to attract the attention of operators like Ocyan, Teekay, Bumi Armada and Bluewater. The market takes for granted the absence of SBM and Modec, groups traditionally focused on larger units.


With Teekay operating the Atlanta advance production system (FPSO Petrojarl 1, installed on the field since 2018), the Norwegian group is expected to take some advantage in the dispute as they already maintain a business relationship with Enauta and know more about the details of the project. Connected to three wells, the provisional system has been producing about 30,000 boed.


Two phases


Budgeted at US$ 1.5 billion, the final Atlanta project will have a total of 12 wells, and its implementation will be divided into two stages. In the first stage, eight production wells will be connected, three or four of which will be relocated from the provisional system.


Enauta’s plan is to begin drilling the remaining wells of the first stage in 2022, which will require chartering a drill in 2021. The second stage will have four additional wells.


In addition to the campaign to develop the production of the definitive system, the Brazilian oil company is planning to drill an exploratory well to research another prospect already identified in the area.


New well on the radar


Willing to keep the production level of the provisional system at 30,000 bopd, Enauta will be able to drill a new production well in the first quarter of 2021. The campaign was approved by the group’s board, which already has the subsea equipment ordered.


The confirmation of the campaign will depend exclusively on the production behavior of the reservoir over the coming months. If the volume of oil extracted drops, Enauta will go to the market at the end of 2020 to contract a drill.