Deep into Safety: our culture

Since the beginning, safety has been our best ally. For all the challenges we face, safety has always been present, and is being taken seriously everywhere by everyone.


In our history, we have dove deep into the energy that the world needs. The time has come to further strengthen our safety culture, as overcoming challenges has always been in our beacon.


Our safety culture has a new Program that matches what we do and who we are:


It is more than just a speech. It is a Program with campaigns and actions to influence attitudes, behaviors and consolidate a safety culture, which will be present, constant, and visible, and celebrated, with faces, family and names.



“When we take safety to heart, we consider safety in everything we do, every time and everywhere. Safety is not only in our offshore activities. It is also in our office, our home, and our everyday life. That is what we want to reinforce with this program. We have to take safety seriously,” says Maria Eduarda Pessoa, HSE Manager.


Our Production Director, Danilo Oliveira, concludes: “We do not want just to follow standards and criteria established by the industry, we want our team to incorporate a new safety-related attitude and behavior, in addition to what the work already demands in our daily life”


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