E+ Solidariedade: a new support, a new hope


The most worrying impact of Covid-19 is the capacity of the health care system, whether public or private.


The União Rio Movement and the Instituto da Criança (Children’s Institute) bring together people and non-governmental organizations committed to supporting the main demands to reduce the impacts of COVID-19 and inspire the practice of solidarity.


With the commitment to safely take care of people and our society, we donated R$110,000.00 to support the União Rio Movement / Instituto da Criança.


The donations will be destined for:


– Activation of hospital beds in the main hospitals in the city of RJ;


– Purchase of personal protective equipment for professionals who are on the front line, so that they can perform their duties safely and not fall victims to the pandemic;


All united in overcoming the moment.


Click here and learn more about the actions of the União Rio Movement and the Instituto da Criança.