Enauta expands commitment to oceans and signs the sustainable ocean principles


We are proud to announce our signature to the United Nations Global Compact’s Sustainable Ocean Principles. Created in 2019, it is a structure, with defined guidelines, focused on responsible practices in the oceans between sectors and regions.


By joining the Sustainable Ocean Principles, we will work in line with business leaders around the world, setting clear and shared expectations across the industry for a healthy and productive ocean .


“Enauta already has an integrated manner to monitor its actions in the marine environment, our home. In this sense, the signing of the Sustainable Ocean Principles further endorses our actions and responsibility with this environment,” commented Rebeca Kiperman, our Communication and Sustainability Manager.


The sea is our home


Because of our relationship with the marine and coastal environment, we already work side by side with ODS 14 – Life in the Water – and this step reinforces our desires and the urgent need to protect and restore the health of the oceans.


A healthy ocean offers significant opportunities for business and global economic growth.


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