Enauta reaches 18 million barrels produced in the Atlanta Field

Number is equivalent to less than 2% of the total oil barrels of Atlanta


This Monday (26/07), the Atlanta Field reaches the expressive mark of 18 million barrels (bbl) produced. Located in Block BS-4, the Atlanta Field began production in May 2018.


With a water depth of 1,550 meters (ultra-deep water), the combination of different technologies in an innovative arrangement was required to enable the lifting of heavy oil, with low sulfur content, to the FPSO. This oil meets the recommendations of the IMO 2020 – international regulation that determines the reduction of sulfur dioxide emissions – and has excellent acceptance in the international market. Due to these advantages, our production from the Atlanta Field has been marketed at refineries at a premium in relation to the Brent price.


After more than three years of production, we are working to stabilize the production of the Early Production System (SPA), which has three producing wells. Today, the Atlanta Field produces through two wells. In August, production is expected to resume from the third well in the SPA.


In March of this year, the FPSO bidding process for the Full Development System was started, considering an FPSO with the capacity to process 50,000 bbl per day, to which six to eight producing wells will be connected, three of which are already in operation in the Early Production System. It is estimated that the completion of the process will take ten to 12 months from this date, in the first quarter of 2022.


As an independent oil and gas company committed to the ESG agenda, between 2018 and 2020, we reduced CO2/barrel emissions produced in the Atlanta Field by 28% – below the industry average for all of South America.