Enauta records total production record at Atlanta Field


We have experienced a milestone in our history in overcoming complex challenges in the Atlanta Field and achieving significant results for the company. After implementing innovative technological solutions to enable the production and drilling of the three wells, the consortium reached 30,462 barrels of oil per day, a significant achievement in the challenging history of the field.


“We are very satisfied with the delivery of the production of the three wells close to the maximum processing capacity of the FPSO. This demonstrates our commitment to the operational goals and the belief in the operational capacity of the Atlanta Field, which gives us the confidence to advance to the Full Development System”, said our CEO, Lincoln Guardado.


The use of the best techniques, together with our DNA through research and innovation, ensured that we conquered this result today. The drilling of the third well of the Early Production System was concluded in the first quarter of the year and the drillship Laguna Star was moved to replace the bottom pumps of the two wells that were already in production.