Explore our 2019 Annual Sustainability Report


To explore the Brazilian seas and discover new sources of energy resources is what moves Enauta towards the future.


Since the IPO at B3 S.A. in 2011, we have built a company with very solid foundations to create value in the present and in the long term, with research, innovation, safety, social responsibility and cutting-edge environmental management.


We have achieved significant results in the short term, such as 39% growth in net revenues and 16.7% in EBTIDAX in 2019, which is important to continue operations, investments and generate positive results for investors.


At the same time, we are diligent in following the path of success, with the construction of a diversified portfolio and
the formation of strategic partnerships with major international oil and gas exploration and production companies.


The more we pioneer the energy universe, the more we are aligned with the universal principles of the Global Compact, related to human rights, environment, labor and anti-corruption.


Click here and explore our Annual Sustainability Report, which presents our challenges and achievements in 2019.