Mar Brasil presents challenges and sustainable initiatives in the Brazilian coast


If the sea is our origin, the Brazilian coast is our home. So, we position ourselves and work together with this complex ecosystem.


The Mar Brasil series will show stories and characters mobilized in the preservation of the Brazilian coast. With five episodes broadcasted every Sunday, the series will present problems and strategies for action, such as sustainable fishing techniques, expansion of marine protection areas and monitoring of reserves.


All this with the participation and testimony of fishermen, scientists, NGOs and communities united on behalf of the oceans.


From Prof. Dr. Alexandre Turra of the Oceanographic Institute of USP and international reference on the subject of marine environmental impact to Mrs. Maria Helena, community leader from Ceará who revolutionized tourism in the region; from the explorers Amyr Klink and Vilfredo Schurmann to the recycling materials collectors and fishermen of RESEX de Canavieiras (BA), who reverted the depredation of their areas. Hundreds of Brazilians committed to the sustainability of our seas.


Premiere brings together personalities in São Paulo


On November 19, we participated in the premiere in São Paulo. Guests and personalities such as Amyr Klink, Carlo Pereira (UN Global Compact) and Prof. Dr. Elisabete Saraiva (Oceanographic Institute/USP) discussed the main themes presented by the series.


The series Mar Brasil premieres next Sunday, November 24th, at 12pm, on Band News TV!


A co-production of Ocean Films and Produtora Brasileira, with the support of the Unesco Chair on Ocean Sustainability and USP – Enauta’s exclusive sponsorship via Ancine.


Click here to watch the Mar Brasil trailer.