New partnership: Enauta and Eneva takes onshore blocks in the 2nd cycle of permanent offer


On December 4, we acquired a 30% stake in 4 onshore exploration blocks (PAR-T-196, PAR-T-215, PAR-T-86 and PAR-T-99), during the 2nd Cycle of the ANP Permanent Offering. The assets are located in the Paraná Basin, and this movement marks the beginning of a new partnership, this time with the also Brazilian and independent company, Eneva.


This acquisition takes us back to the onshore operation, an environment where we already operated at the beginning of our trajectory, when the Queiroz Galvão Perfurações drilled blocks in the Recôncavo Basin, in Bahia. The studies already carried out on the blocks acquired, located in the states of Mato Grosso do Sul and Goiás, point to good prospects for natural gas accumulations and, in case of discovery, the proximity to the gas consumer market would facilitate the flow of production.


“We take advantage of this window of opportunity to, with low financial commitment, diversify our asset base. This investment, if successful in exploration, would allow us to open a new avenue for growth, whether through the sale of gas or electricity, and could become the first step in adapting the Company’s portfolio to the new times of energy transition,” commented our CEO, Décio Oddone.


If successful, the consortium will analyze the use of the reservoir-to-wire (R2W)* model, with the generation of electricity from natural gas, already successfully adopted by Eneva in other projects.


Congratulations to everyone for this important decision for our portfolio.




* The gas found is used to generate electricity, which is sent to the Interconnected System National (SIN) from the nearby transmission network.