QGEP is now Enauta

Today we announce our new brand: Enauta.


We have reformulated our brand to reflect the key attributes and achievements that ensure the longevity and continued growth of our operations. The courage to see new possibilities and the commitment to realize them has been present in our history since the beginning.


As one of the main independent players in Brazil’s energy sector, Enauta has a strong history of achievements, a broad technical portfolio and technological knowhow, as well as engagement in environmentally correct practices.


Based on the experience gained over the past 20 years, we continue to apply leading edge technology to explore, develop and produce oil and gas off the coast of Brazil.


Our new name was created from the essence of our Company, which is rooted in our ability to identify, locate and develop energy sources to meet society’s needs. Our purpose continues to be to clear the way for energy.


Today, when the universe of energy production expands into new and challenging possibilities, we are attentive and preparing for the future – as Enauta.


Energy is our beacon.