Report of May 2021 Production

Enauta Participações S.A. (“Enauta”, “Company”, B3:ENAT3”) today announced May 2021 production.


The company’s total production in May was 555.6 thousand barrels of oil equivalent (boe), or daily average production of 17.9 thousand boe. This amount includes gas and oil as shown in the tables below.



The Atlanta Field reached average daily production of 15,100 bbl in May, taking year-to-date production to 7,400 bbl. There are currently two wells producing oil and the return of the third well is scheduled for July 2021.


The Company informs that, for each well to return to production, it is necessary to shut down the process plant for around two to three days in order to connect the heaters to the producing wells.


The Company maintains the estimate of daily average production for the Atlanta Field at 14,000 bbl in
2021, with a positive or negative variation margin of 10%.


For more information, please contact the Investor Relations team.