Trilha Empreendedora takes entrepreneurship to public schools of Rio

The largest volunteer program in the oil and gas sector returned in the first half even more stronger.


Promoted by the Junior Achievement Association of Rio de Janeiro, the last edition of the Trilha Empreendedora reached more than 2,500 students and will be applied this time in 24 state schools of the Innovative High School Program – PROEMI, spread across ten cities of the state of Rio de Janeiro.


The action includes in these schools’ schedule a sequence of programs for the 1st, 2nd and now 3rd degree high school classes.  Throughout the process, our volunteers discuss with students the importance of staying in school; ethical dilemmas;   and learn to identify and develop skills valued by the business world. The Program is applied in a playful and dynamic way by teachers supported by volunteers.


In this first half, more than 3,000 high school students  from 10 municipalities had the opportunity to develop new skills and abilities, through the participation of 145 volunteers from 15 partner companies.


The Program continues in the second semester and at the end of the year the students will follow a day of work within Enauta under the mentoring of the volunteers.


To implement the Trilha Empreendedora, besides SEEDUC, Junior Achievement counts on the partnership of IBP – Instituto Brasileiro de Petróleo, Gás e Biocombustíveis – which cooperates with the indication of associated companies.