Unveil and achieve: our beacon for 10 years

On June 28th, we completed 10 years of history. This year, we have celebrated differently, united by technology. At this time of social distancing, we continue to believe in our essence, we are because we add up.


Our trajectory is marked by numerous challenges that many believe to be impossible. But not for us.


Back in 1998, when the national market had just opened, we bet together with Brazil. The discovery of Manati Field, two years later, was the triumph of this dedication and the right decision to believe, to go ahead.


2010 was our founding year. We dived in the deep waters of the main Brazilian basins and with two transformational acquisitions we made history – through farm-in we entered the pre-salt, with BS-4 (Atlanta Field) and BM-S-8 (Carcará Field) blocks.


A year later, we made the largest public offering of the year at B3 Novo Mercado, raising R$ 1.5 Bi.


We often celebrate the successful operation at the Atlanta Field, one of the most challenging in the industry.


There are many achievements that have brought us here and we invite you to check every detail of this story in our timeline by clicking here.


We have done it; and with courage and knowledge, we are among the largest producing companies in Brazil and a leader among the independent ones.


Watch our commemorative video – Enauta 10 years.


Congratulations to everyone who made and are part of this journey!