West Saturn heading to Sergipe

Source: Brasil Energia


By: Cláudia Siqueira


ExxonMobil is closer to start the drilling campaign of its first exploratory well in the SEAL-M-428 block. The drillship West Saturn, of Seadrill, has already left Rio de Janeiro, where it was stopped awaiting instructions from the oil company, and is on its way to Sergipe.


Although it is still waiting for the release of the environmental license for drilling, ExxonMobil opted to take the rig for lease. The drilling unit had been stopped in Rio de Janeiro since the beginning of December, on the Pai and Mãe Island, waiting for Ibama’s authorization.


The beginning of the campaign in Sergipe is tied to the release of the environmental license from Ibama, and the rig should arrive at the lease by the end of the week.


According to Marine Traffic, the West Saturn is crossing the coast of Espírito Santo.


The beginning of the activity will mark ExxonMobil’s third exploratory campaign with the West Saturn. The unit previously drilled the Titan prospect, in the Santos Basin, and Opal, in the Campos Basin.


The oil company’s initial expectation was that Sergipe’s environmental license would be released in December, and that the campaign in Sergipe would begin as early as 2021. The drilling of the pioneer well in the SEAL-M-428 block will also extend to the neighboring area of SEAL-M-351.


Located in deep water, the campaign will be focused on the Cutthroat prospect.


Drilling of the well is expected to extend for about two months.


The SEAL-M-351 and SEAL-M-428 blocks, operated by ExxonMobil in partnership with Enauta and Murphy, were awarded in the 13th round in 2015. The consortium maintains seven other exploratory areas in the Sergipe Basin.