Ceará Basin

Equatorial Margin

Water depth:

up to 3,000 METERS

Expected fluid:


We have a 25% stake in Block CE-M-661, located in deep waters. The seismic data of the block has already been acquired, processed and interpreted.


Together with the consortium, we are working on the best option for drilling an exploratory well.


Located on the Brazilian equatorial margin, on the continental platform of the state of Ceará, the basin has approximately 34,000 km², in water depths up to 3,000 m, and is bounded to the southeast by the Potiguar Basin, and to the west by the Barreirinhas Basin. Although it is a producer of oil and gas in its shallow-water portion, in deep waters it is still considered a new frontier basin.



Characteristics: it is among the ten basins responsible for oil and gas production in shallow waters in Brazil; light oil discovery expected in deep waters.