Foz do Amazonas Basin

Equatorial Margin

Water depth:

up to 3,000 METERS

Expected fluid:


We operate the FZA-M-90 block, located in the Foz do Amazonas Basin, with 100% stakes. The 3D seismic studies and data processing have been completed.


We are in the environmental licensing process for the drilling of an exploratory well.


In addition, the farm-out process is underway, in order to seek partners for the asset.


Located in the extreme northwest of the Brazilian equatorial margin, the basin extends along the continental platform of the states of Pará and Amapá, extending beyond Brazil’s international boundary with French Guiana. On the Brazilian side, the basin covers an area of approximately 268,000 square kilometers, reaching a bathymetric height of 3,000 meters.


It is characterized by the ANP as a potential region for gas and light oil discoveries, with evidence of hydrocarbons in shallow and deep water wells already drilled by the industry.



Characteristics: evidence of the presence of light oil in the region; strategic asset for portfolio diversification and long-term value generation.