Pará-Maranhão Basin

Equatorial Margin

Water depth:

up to 3,500 METERS

Expected fluid:


We operate two deepwater blocks – PAMA-M-265 and PAMA-M-337 – with 100% stakes. Both blocks are covered by 3D seismic data. An exploratory well is planned to be drilled in the PAMA-M-337 block.


After updating the Environmental Study for Drilling (EAP) on both blocks (in 2019), we responded in 2020 to technical reviews of the RIAP (Drilling Environmental Impact Report) and received approval of the modeling presented in the EAP.


Farm-out processes are underway to seek partners for these assets.


Considered a new frontier, the Pará-Maranhão Basin, an exclusively offshore basin, is located on the Brazilian equatorial margin in an area of approximately 48,000 km². It is bounded to the east by the Barreirinhas Basin and to the west by the Foz do Amazonas Basin.


It extends from shallow waters to a bathymetric elevation of 3,500 m. The activities already carried out in the region indicate the presence of light oil.


Characteristics: indications of the presence of light oil; strategic assets for portfolio diversification and long-term value generation.