Pará-Maranhão Basin

48 thousand km²


up to 3,500 meters



Evidence of the presence of light oil in the region.

Regarded as a new frontier, the Pará-Maranhão Basin is an exclusively maritime basin located on Brazil’s equatorial margin, covering approximately 48,000 km². It is bordered to the east by the Barreirinhas Basin and to the west by the Foz do Amazonas Basin. It ranges from shallow water to a water depth of 3,500 m. Earlier activity in the region points to the presence of light oil.

We have two deepwater blocks in this basin with 100% interest: PAMA-M-265 and PAMA-M-337. Both blocks are covered by 3D seismic surveys acquired in 2017. We expect to drill an exploratory well in PAMA-M-337.


Location: Central portion of the Brazilian equatorial margin, in the coastal region of the states of Pará and Maranhão
Area: 48,000 km²
Water depth: up to 3,500 m
Characteristic: Indication of light oil in the region