With courage and dedication leading the way, we seek to unearth new energy pathways. To accomplish this, our innovative strategy leverages technology alongside our vast reservoir of experience.


The result is our prominent position in the domestic scene. We have a 45% share in the Manati Field. Manati Field is one of the country’s largest non-associated gas producers. It is responsible for supplying 20% of the gas required in the Northeast. In addition, we operate the Atlanta Field, which has been in production since 2018 and continues to grow. Through our own growth and innovation, the field has become a milestone in our history of deepwater exploration.


We put together a portfolio of 15 high-quality assets with great potential, all located in the deep waters of eight Brazilian basins ranging from Foz do Amazonas to the Santos Basin.


We focus on joining even more exploratory journeys to achieve the level of success that promotes development and multiplies our victories. The Sergipe-Alagoas Basin is a key exploratory area, where we hold a 30% interest in six blocks located in ultra-deepwater.